TV Review: Derry Girls (Season 2)

It’s the show that’s on its way to becoming a cult classic. If you live in the UK, and like to keep updated with the latest shows, you can’t possibly have not heard of Derry Girls. Series 1 was a roaring success, and was released worldwide on Netflix. And deservingly so. I only found the … Continue reading TV Review: Derry Girls (Season 2)

TV Review: Derry Girls (Season 1)

Originally posted on January 22, 2019 I had never heard of this show before 2am last night. I was scrolling through Buzzfeed, having clicked on an article claiming to know how sex-obsessed I was, then reading relatable tweets…. We’ve all been there. Whilst there, there was an article with 23 reasons why I should watch … Continue reading TV Review: Derry Girls (Season 1)