2019: My Top Tracks

2019 was the year where I threw myself into rock music: I even became part of a committee of a rock society, and tried to find as much local music as I could. But it was also the year that my love of dance music returned with a vengeance- and that's why it dominates this … Continue reading 2019: My Top Tracks

2019: My Favourite Albums / EPs

At the end of the year, every cultural magazine under the sun tells you what the best albums and songs of the year have been, what you should have been listening to. And they nearly always contain the exact same artists and the exact same genres. OK, we get that everyone is meant to like … Continue reading 2019: My Favourite Albums / EPs

Album Review: Liam Gallagher- Why Me? Why Not. (2019)

Originally posted on September 20, 2019 Liam Gallagher’s first solo album was nothing short of a resounding success. ‘As You Were’ (2017) went platinum, and helped instigate a ressurection for a figure which many had believed to be left behind in the 1990s. The bad brother of Oasis was suddenly top of the game again. … Continue reading Album Review: Liam Gallagher- Why Me? Why Not. (2019)

Album Review: Normandie – White Flag (2018)

Originally posted on March 9, 2019 The first I had heard of this Swedish band, it was in the replies under a tweet announcing the entries for 2019’s Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s annual Eurovision selection process (the final is tonight if anyone is interested). One twitter user was unimpressed because Normandie were not among the 28-strong field. … Continue reading Album Review: Normandie – White Flag (2018)

Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – amo (2019)

Originally posted on March 3, 2019 I first became aware of Bring Me The Horizon around the time their fifth studio album, That’s The Spirit, was released in 2015. True Friends and Throne were my favourites from that album, and I have been and listened to their previous music since. But, even as a relatively … Continue reading Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – amo (2019)