Album Review: Tom Grennan – Evering Road (2021)

Bedford singer-songwriter Tom Grennan’s second album feels like a warm hug on a chilly night – and a clear progression of his sound from 2018’s Lighting Matches.

As always, Tom Grennan’s greatest asset is his gorgeous, synonymous raspy voice, which could make the Funeral March sound like a love ballad. That’s not to take away from his brilliant song-writing too; every track tells a story, but everything is built around a nostalgic, homely sound which should see this album debut near the top of the charts.

He released five singles in promotion of the long-delayed album, which was supposed to come out in 2020; Tom has said that he has no regrets about the delay and that he spent the year bettering himself and getting into a happier place. ‘Little Bit Of Love’ is my favourite of the previews, with it’s singalong chorus and uplifting tune. A lyrically vulnerable track about love and loss disguised as a symphonic pop banger, it’s no surprise to me that this found it’s way into the charts. I first heard lead single ‘This Is The Place’ on the radio – catchy af, it stands out on the album. I remember listening to ‘Amen’ upon its release in October, and it grew on me to be one of my favourites in his discography. I was also surprised to see a few weeks back of his collab with another of the UK’s biggest talents, Ella Henderson, ‘Let’s Go Home Together’, but it fits beautifully in with Evering Road’s sound.

Of the new tracks, there are plenty of highlights. ‘If Only’ is a really strong, gospel-tinged opener which makes great use of string pieces to add an extra emotional edge. ‘It Hurts’ is definitely the saddest track on the album – a piano led ballad navigating heartbreak. This is definitely the best song for me – it strikes a chord in my heart and I can vividly see a story forming throughout. The chorus provides a melodramatic side which turns it into a thing of beauty – it’s the perfect track to howl into a rain spattered, grey morning.

Although not as upbeat as some of the stand-out tracks on his first album (notably ‘Royal Highness’ and ‘Found What I Been Looking For’), this mellower, more introspective sound shows how far he has come and matured, both as an artist and a person. The videos for this era have also been incredible – even though ‘Something Better’ was ALREADY growing on me, the MV made me love it even more – and made me go back and listen to his older stuff (for THREE hours I might add).

‘Evering Road’ hasn’t had the plaudits it deserves from some of the more mainstream music magazines. It’s a brilliantly put-together, emotional ride, pulled forwards by Tom’s incredible voice – which would make any song sound amazing. It’s a wonderful addition to his previous stuff, and an album which I’ll be playing A LOT for the next few months.

Ryan’s Rating: 9/10

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