TV Review: Derry Girls (Season 1)

  • Originally posted on January 22, 2019

I had never heard of this show before 2am last night. I was scrolling through Buzzfeed, having clicked on an article claiming to know how sex-obsessed I was, then reading relatable tweets…. We’ve all been there. Whilst there, there was an article with 23 reasons why I should watch a comedy called ‘Derry Girls’. (you can find a link with all the Tumblr screenshots at the end of the article).

Set in early 1990s Northern Ireland, four teenage girls (and a boy, who goes to their all-girls school because he’s English and his mam didn’t want him beaten up) live out ridiculous adventures with a great supporting cast, which include a nun who doesn’t believe in God, and Erin, the main character, ‘s crazy family. Throw in dead nuns, stowaways and a weeping statue… And you have the core of a great comedy.

One of the reasons this show is so good, is that you know the characters. Although caricatured, everyone knows an Orla, who goes along with every trend and doesn’t really know what’s going on, same as everyone knows a Michelle, who is rarely seen either not drunk or being vicious to her English cousin.

The acting is really good, and this is what brings the characters to life. (a cast list is also at the bottom of the article.) And unlike other comedies, the characters develop and you see multiple sides to them, and they go on a journey. It’s the best comedy I’ve seen in years, and six episodes are not enough.

You can watch Season 1 on all4 (in the UK & Ireland) or Netflix (worldwide). Season 2 has been earmarked for a March release.


Saoirse-Monica Jackson - Erin Quinn
Nicola Coughlan- Clare Devlin
Louisa Harland – Orla McCool
Jamie-Lee O’Donnell – Michelle Mallon
Dylan Llewellyn – James Maguire
Tara Lynne O’Neill – Ma Mary
Kathy Kiera Clarke – Aunt Sarah
Siobhan McSweeney – Sister Michael
Tommy Tiernan – Da Gerry
Ian McElhinney - Granda Joe
Anthony Boyle - David Donnelly
Leah O’Rourke - Jenny Joyce
David Ireland – Sean Devlin

Buzzfeed article (useful for memes) :

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