TV Review: Curfew

Race yourself free….

  • Originally posted on April 18, 2019

The Sky network has produced some brilliant and original production over the last few years. I was a big fan of Fortitude (even if it made little sense for most of it) and decided to watch the first episode of their neon-drenched, race-to-the-end thriller series. With zombies.

I watched to the end, absolutely exhilarated. It’s hard to believe that the main section of the show took place across one night, considering the amount that happened. There was a wonderful cast, full of stars, yet the slightly lesser known names made their mark and shone. (Special shoutout to Sean Bean for being a wonderful villain). A full cast list is at the bottom.

Whether it was Roman, losing various family members and having one of the hardest battles to the finish, or Faith, pregnant with a gangster’s baby, ready to give birth at any second. Kaye, who had a complicated relationship with Ruby because of her past misdemeanours with her boyfriend, Michael. Or indeed, Michael himself, who may be the only potential cure for the virus which has bought about the curfew (for reasons explained), or Lou, who only wants to do the right thing but is determined to win for her and her daughter. You start to feel for the characters, and it is so well written that you see both good and bad from all of them.

The plot is excellent. The use of flashbacks is usually rendered to the occasional moment where a character has a remembrance from the past that effects their current actions. Not here. They are used relentlessly to tell the story of why all of the main cast got to be taking part in the illegal car race, and it is even explained excellently through multiple characters why there were even zombies in the first place. (Trust me, the reason is a surprise). Certain scenes are told through multiple perspectives at different points, and this even counts for events during the race.

As would be expected from a race, there are lots of twists and turns, but not just from the driving. There are many crazy situations in the series which are navigated shockingly, glamorously and humorously. And all of the characters left at the end get the endings they wanted / deserved. But no character is safe from the chills of death.

There have been no updates from Sky as to whether we should expect a second series. As much as I loved this show, I don’t want one. The story is perfect as it is. There is no need to turn it into a yearly event, similar to the Purge. The ending could have been longer, but there is not enough loose ends to warrant season 2. What would be nice is a special 9th episode, maybe released later in the year, to update us on the two plots remaining at the end as a follow up. While everything that is needed to be explained is done so, there is some details which could be explored.

I would recommend this show as a thrill ride. Great soundtrack, great directing, and wonderful acting. Six hours of the most entertaining TV you will see this year.

Cast list:

Sean Bean as Errol “The General” Chambers

Ike Bennett as Roman Donahue

Michael Biehn as Roadkill Jim

Adam Brody as Max Larssen

Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Ruby Newman

Rosie Fellner as Sylvie Chambers

Phoebe Fox as Kaye Newman

Robert Glenister as Jared Grieves

Thaddea Graham as Hanmei Collins

Guz Khan as Cheese

Malachi Kirby as Michael Garwick

Adrian Lester as Simon Donahue

Andi Osho as Jenny Donahue

Chris Reilly as Clarence

Miranda Richardson as Lou Collins

Richard Riddell as Kovacks

Jessye Romeo as Meg Donahue

Elijah Rowen as Zane

Clive Russell as Mac

Peter Sullivan as Sebastian Underhill

Jason Thorpe as El Capitano

Harriet Walter as Helen Newman

Rose Williams as Faith Palladino

Billy Zane as Joker Jones

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