Film Review: Ready Or Not (2019)

  • Originally posted on September 2, 2019

Despite not being released in the United Kingdom until September 27, courtesy of Odeon’s Scream Unseen, tonight I was able to watch one of the horrors of the summer. Without even knowing I was going to! (honestly for £5 it’s worth it)

Because of all this, there will be no major spoilers here. But I will say one thing: if you’re expecting an action heavy, blood light thriller, with more comedy than actual horror (Happy Death Day, for example), it’s rated 18 for a reason. While it doesn’t disappoint in its action and plot twists, if you don’t like gore and detailed blood, this is really not the film for you.

Some of the deaths would make an episode of Midsomer Murders hide away. Although they could also provide some material for next season 🤔🤔

The acting is better than most action/horror movies you’ll find, which is surprising considering that the main actress is Samara Weaving, who’s major career role thus far is Home and Away. Soapland isn’t known for providing great actors, but she is bucking that trend.

When it comes out, I recommend watching this! And if you’re in the USA, it came out on August 23rd… so enjoy!


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