Book Review: Kelley Armstrong – Visions (Cainsville series book 2)

  • Originally posted on July 22, 2018

When I picked up Omens, the first in this wonderful series, something supernatural compelled me to buy it. I thought, oh this is going to be a good thriller, maybe about her discovering her parents might not be serial killers, but being hunted by people who hate her for trying to prove their innocence, the legal system, etc.

That would have been extremely dull, unoriginal and formulaic compared to the incredible world opening up. Most books have one clear story arc, perhaps with a love interest who has a will-they-won’t-they thing going on the whole way through, perhaps with outsiders meddling. This is no ordinary book though, and if you’ve made it to the sequel I think it’s no surprise there’s at least three more to go.

There are three immediate male interests in Olivia’s life, all of which can be seen on various ends of the above love interest arc. James, the ex who won’t let go, the only character I would probably enjoy being removed quite graphically from the picture, the one who wants to use Olivia for political gain. Or Ricky, the cool, gorgeous, intelligent biker, but somehow they are forbidden by some rivalry in the spirit world (and of course, the biker gang themselves, Satan’s Saints). And then there’s Gabriel, the lawyer who finds solutions through often non-legal methods, who has trouble with emotional relations but… I can see a love square starting….

Whether it’s the dead body found in Olivia’s car, discovering the dark and mysterious secrets of her new hometown, trying to get closer to her parents Todd and Pamela, currently inside jail for six murders, balancing her chaotic love life, all her preternatural omens and visions, the kidnapping of her cat or people seemingly attempting to kill her every few chapters, it is incredible that our protagonist is still battling through her increasingly complicated life with any of her nine lives remaining.

Never before have I actually needed to make a list of questions to be answered from a novel series before, but it’s around a dozen long already. Nothing wrong with that; I’m perfectly happy with the constant changing of focus on the plot. It feels extremely thorough, and I’m fully expecting that Kelley Armstrong will provide all the answers by the end of the saga. Which hopefully won’t be for a very few volumes yet.

My friend introduced me to a phrase recently: “educational entertainment”. This, if you want it to be, is extremely informative about a wide manner of topics. It’s also extended by the additional named chapters, also present in the first, which contain little hints to the story and insights into other characters’ minds. They also lead to rather interesting plot developments…

It is a must read. If you read the first one first though, it claims to be a stand alone novel but you would be a bit lost and missing out if you didn’t read the first. And be prepared to get pulled in to a world you won’t want to leave. This is a more crime based Harry Potter for adults, but even though there’s no wizards, there’s just as much magic.

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