Book Review: Kelley Armstrong – Omens (Cainsville series book 1)

  • Originally posted on July 4, 2018

This is a novel like no other. Crossing genres from crime to fantasy and sci-fi, the mysteries of Cainsville and the series protagonist, Olivia Taylor-Jones are thankfully not restricted to just one book.

At the start, it appears the circumstances are little more than clichés. Albeit, clichés which are never normally brought together. A rich, upper-middle class woman forced to enter the life of the masses, with little money and constant press speculation. Oh, and the revelation that her two wealthy parents adopted her and that her biological ones are currently serving prison sentences for committing eight murders.

So, she moves to a little rural town called Cainsville, where contact with the outside world is minimal. It appears the perfect town, but it has plenty of links to Olivia’s past life, as Eden Larsen, and the supernatural, as does she. The perfect town image may not be as true as it first seems….

Omens introduces a large assemble of thrilling characters. Only a few well developed by this stage, but with at least four books to follow, there’s plenty of room for manoeuvre. The correct amount of mystery and plot movement has been applied to keep me reading the second book.

Something else I look for in a book is education. A book with just a self contained plot and excellently written characters is one thing, but it doesn’t do it for me. If I can learn a thing or two about subjects which fascinate me but I would never actively pursue… Its a winner. I’ve learnt more about tarot cards, omens and *spoiler* CIA experimentation in the last few weeks than in the rest of my life combined. And it’s VERY interesting.

It’s definitely a good read. But be prepared to yearn for the sequels. It may be hard to find in physical copy though: for some reason I could only find Omens (and books two-five) in a charity shop. It pulled me in, for some reason. Maybe I too have the Second Sight.

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