Book Review: James Patterson – The Trial (BookShot)

  • Originally posted on April 3, 2019

I had never read one of James Patterson’s BookShots before. The principle is clear: around 120 pages (so about a third of the length of one of his full length novels), fast-paced and no messing around. It did what it said on the tin.

This is part of the Women’s Murder Club series, book 15.5 if you like. Kingfisher, the evil cartel boss who targeted Lindsay in 14th Deadly Sin, supposedly died shortly afterwards. Apparently not. He reappears, murdering two young women in a nightclub. And from there, the action picks up and doesn’t stop until the final page.

No one is safe: indeed, this does have one of the best plots of any of Patterson’s novels. Made all better by the lack of ad-libbing and dithering of the main character, Lindsay, and the state of her marriage, which is also in tatters following 15th Affair (previous readers of this blog will know my feelings about this). It’s also well written: although maybe that’s merely my appreciation for the lack of paragraphs about scenery and weather. Patterson rarely does this anyway.

However, it did disappoint me somewhat. I had been hoping that the bookshots for the Women’s Murder Club would focus more on Claire and Cindy, however Cindy is mentioned in exactly four scenes through the whole book. The ending also felt extremely rushed. I haven’t read 18th Abduction, but hopefully the story of Elena Sierra continues, in either 18 or 19. This novella could well provide a solid base for the new phase in the main series.

Despite my misgivings, for £2.49 it is a very good buy. It is an entertaining book and fills in a few gaps. Hopefully 16.5 (The Medical Examiner) will focus more on Claire (as the title suggests), and a review for that BookShot should hopefully be up by the end. If you enjoy the Women’s Murder Club series, this is one for you — or even if you want a cheap introduction to the series.

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