Book Review: James Patterson – NYPD Red 3

  • Originally posted on February 8, 2019

James Patterson is not someone who requires an introduction. I remember, back in around 2012/2013, I had finished the first 10 or 11 books of the Women’s Murder Club series (check out my reviews on the last four!) and was fully on a Patterson wave. He began a new series called NYPD Red.

I remember enjoying it, and reading the first two when they came out. But then, I discovered the Internet, and my reading curtailed for social media. I vaguely remember a yacht? But the relationship between the two main characters, Zach and Kylie, remained burned in my mind.

Kylie MacDonald is possibly one of my favourite characters, especially by James Patterson. Maybe it is because the others have been through enough, or Marshall Karp has a big influence on character development, but I love her. She’s not afraid to break the rules, she’s fierce, independent, and she knows how to handle her drug-addicted husband, Shane. She’s everything Lindsay Boxer was at the start of her bibliography.

The story is extremely fast paced, and full of twists and turns. Undoubtedly, James Patterson did brilliantly with this book. There’s decapitated heads, insider trading, car chases, kidnappings etc. in this volume of one of his most recent series, and it all blends together to make an enthralling tail.

My next review will likely be on NYPD Red 4, and I hope to get the 5th book very soon. Read this series!

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