Book Review: James Patterson – 16th Seduction

  • Originally posted on December 31, 2018

Never underestimate James Patterson.

If you read the blurb of this book, it will tell you that Detective Lindsay Boxer, heroine of 15 previous novels, is still reeling from revelations exposed in the last installment. It will tell you about a case of mysterious, unrelated heart attacks. It will also tell you about a trial of a bomber which Lindsay helped capture, and a deadly conspiracy working against her.

Confused? So was I when I read this novel. For the first half of this book, there seemed only one plot. Was Connor Grant going to be found guilty or acquitted of a deadly bombing? Seemingly random characters were mentioned for a brief chapter, then forgotten about. The book seemed to be coming to its natural conclusion. James Patterson seemed to be losing his touch.

The book then continues with the aforementioned heart attacks. This appears to be almost a distraction from the ending main plot, and the focus of the book completely shifts. But then — another plot twist in the bomber tale shifts the focus right back to where it originally was. And then we reach the last fifty pages of 16th Seduction, where the chaotic action resumes in stunning fashion.

All the answers to both plots are revealed. Those characters, seemingly unimportant, are suddenly presented as utterly crucial to the entire fabric of the plot, yet the reader has not realised it. The reader may even have forgotten their mere existence within the world. If this book were a film, the last hour would have been nothing but action sequence after action sequence.

It is fast paced. It is brutal. It is clever. After a disappointing 15th novel, the Women’s Murder Club series is back on the top of its game. (Just please give Cindy Thomas more of a plotline in the 17th and 18th books!)

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