Book Review: David Lagercrantz – The Girl In The Spider’s Web

  • Originally uploaded on June 3, 2018

When Lagercrantz took on the role of continuing the story of one of modern literature’s most recognisable anti-heroine’s, Lisbeth Salander, he must have known that he had a near impossible task ahead of him?

How to keep the thrilling twists, the likeable main characters, the spine-chilling atmosphere and the stylish carnage surrounding it’s lead in a way which Stieg Larsson would have been proud?

Yet he succeeded. Masterfully intertwining scenes of hard violence with intellectual brilliance, The Girl In The Spider’s Web is a definite page turner, which can only be seen in a greater light once you realise that around 450 pages of the novel were set in a spell of five days.

Lagercrantz’s own style of speeding up the action and slowing down the moments in between appear infuriating at times, especially when you realise that after 200 pages you have virtually no answers at all. But it is worth the wait for answers with it’s thrilling conclusion, leaving plenty of scope for the rest of Larsson’s vision of nine or ten novels to be completed.

As to the question of whether the film will match expectations of the readers; it is yet to be seen. Under no circumstances is it possible to fit the level of detail, plot and character development within less than three hours of film without cutting many corners. Viewers and readers should be warned that a knowledge of the previous trilogy, in particular the third part, ‘The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest’, which is where much of the explanation and reasoning for Salander’s, and indeed Blomkvist’s, actions lie.

The fifth in the series, The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye, is already next to me, waiting to be opened. It certainly will not be waiting long.

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