Book Review: David Lagercrantz – A Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye

  • Originally posted on November 19, 2018

It is a near-impossible task for one author to continue another one’s legacy without the result sounding like fan-fiction. Especially when said author sold 90 million copies of his trilogy, and the first in the series, ‘Dragon Tattoo’, is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest thrillers of the past twenty years.

And indeed, at times, David Lagercrantz seemed to be quaking in Stieg Larsson’s statue in ‘Spider’s Web’- take, for example, protagonist Lisbeth Salander being effectively non-existent for half of the book. But the fifth installment of Millenium- Lagercrantz’s second- is where he shakes off the chains and creates a story which Larsson would be proud of.

‘Eye For An Eye’ begins with Salander languishing in a maximum-security women’s prison following the events of ‘Spider’s Web’. And, as usual, she spies injustice and feels as if she must intervene, all whilst being her typical self and providing journalist Mikael Blomkvist with cryptic clues to help him solve a mystery.

Despite many of her former (and current) enemies conspiring against her, Salander is again fearless in her quest for the truth. Spurred on by the murder of one of their longest friends, Salander and Blomkvist must expose the lies, corruption and heinous crimes of another organisation, all while navigating hacker groups, ethnic tensions and a fascinating biological phenomena.

Oh, and we also get to find out why Salander ever got her famous dragon tattoo!

This is a thrill ride not to miss. With a sixth installment expected in 2019, Lagercrantz has really come into his own with a plot so intelligently woven that the plot twists are true shockers.

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