Album Review: Tove Lo – Sunshine Kitty (2019)

  • Originally posted on September 20, 2019

I’ve been extremely excited for Tove Lo’s 4th album, ever since it was announced earlier this year. People who have followed this blog will have known just how much of a fan of hers I am through the review of her third album, Blue Lips. Following such an a great body of work is difficult; but I can safely say that she has achieved it with style.

Let us begin with the singles on ‘Sunshine Kitty’. ‘Glad He’s Gone’ was a start of summer hit, which depicted her happiness at her friend no longer having a boyfriend who doesn’t appreciate her for who she is; she advocates ‘going under to get over’ him. While maintaining some of the themes of the previous two albums, it provides a lighter, more uptempo presentation of her newest work. ‘Bad As The Boys’ featuring ALMA highlights falling for a girl, only to realise that she is actually not good for her either. Jacques is a brilliant dance tune with the wonderful Jax Jones. Honestly, I think the lyrics ‘je’mapelle Jax, I love you a lot, I’m down for tonight but tomorrow I’m not, je’mapelle Tove, let’s get this show on the road, I’m down for one night lets go’ will haunt me to my death. Honestly, this is the best song on the entire album: I’ll go as far as to say it is one of the greatest collabs of 2019.

‘really don’t like u’ is another good collab, this time featuring Kylie Minogue. Yes, THE Kylie Minogue. While the song doesn’t showcase her best abilities as a singer, it’s a solid tune. ‘Sweettalk My Heart’ is the fifth single: it is another bop, which appears to centre around a desire to be seduced; at least, to be taken to another planet by someone. This is a relatable feeling.

As for the other songs? I really love ‘Shifted’. The chorus is really funky, yet the verses sound like they could be a generational shift away from being part of a rock ballad. This juxtaposition just adds layers which elevates it from being a simple electropop song. ‘Come Undone’ is also a perfect conclusion to this album: the last few songs sound like they could have come from ‘Blue Lips’, but it seems like, happily, that Tove is in a happier place than when she made that albim.

This is the general essence of the album: ‘Sunshine Kitty’ sounds like a progressive evolution of her sound, as opposed to any dramatic chamge that some artists may express from one album to the next. While her 2016 and 2017 efforts appeared to have moved to a point where she couldn’t gove a fuck about popularity, nearly the whole of this album is pop-inspired. While playing on the sounds from her two part ‘Lady Wood’ era, it is more upbeat, and is more pleasing to the listener. In my honest opinion, this album ranks below 2016’s ‘Lady Wood’ in her discography, yet is fully worthy of a listen, and is perhaps a fuller body of work than that which some similar artists have put out in revent weeks. Roll on album 5!

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